Jane Berg

JANE BERG launched her eponymous fine jewelry collection in 2012, the inevitable evolution of her many years in the fashion and contemporary design industries. Her expertise in these fields coalesces in each of Jane’s designs: elegant yet avant-garde statement pieces that traverse the divide between ‘gothique’ glamour and demur decadence. Jane’s couture collection is both classical and contemporary. Victorian-era romance and gothic architectural elements are combined with Pop Art icons and rock ‘n roll symbols, with every piece executed in stunning “full cut” diamonds, selected by the designer for their sheer radiance and beauty.

An artist and free-spirit at heart – her newest collection allows the wearer to dictate her own design. Individual modular elements – white gold hoops, emerald pyramids, black diamond skulls and glittering spider webs, for example – are easily arranged and re-arranged to create unique designs that reflect one’s personal style and aesthetic philosophy. Whether classical minimalist pairings for the sophisticated professional or fiercely haute assemblages that pay homage to rock’s counter-culture, Jane’s collection resonates across genres and transitions seamlessly from day to night: a testament to the modern woman, in honor of her independence, resilience and inner femme fatale.

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